Video Gallery - ERBogan

Video Gallery

These are some of my favorite videos, they are also available at Rick's VIMEO site.

If you watch "Full Screen", please CLICK ON "HD" AND SELECT "1080P HD" TO VIEW THE VIDEOS IN THE HIGHEST QUALITY (the way I intended it to be seen).




Monarch Butterflies

Pond #5 - Gilbert Riparian Preserve

Wild Horses of the Lower Salt River 5-2-15

Wild Horses of the Lower Salt River 1-1-16

Bald Eagles of the Lower Salt River

Hummingbirds @ Arizona Sonora Museum

Butterflies (@ Desert Botanical Garden 5-13-18)

Full Moon Rising (8-8-2017)

go to Rick's VIMEO site to see all my videos (hikes, road trips, time-lapse, experiments, etc...)

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